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Pre-Op Instructions

You have been scheduled for a procedure. Our doctors here at CNY Spine and Pain Medicine, LLC. aim to give you highest level of care and get you on the road to recovery!

Please remember to take a shower on the morning of your scheduled procedure as this creates a more hygienic environment and may decrease your chance for skin related infections.

Please wear loose and dark clothing for your procedure such as sweat pants or loose t-shirts, and please keep in mind that your clothing may become stained from the cleaning solutions used by your physician. Please wear low heeled shoes and leave your jewelry and valuables at home.

If you are taking any antibiotics, the procedure must be postponed until you have finished your antibiotics.

If you have a temperature (100 F or above) or have a cold or the flu, or have other significant changes to your health, please call us before you come in for your procedure.

YOU MUST HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER. Your driver must be known to you; a friend or family member. Do not take a cab or Uber without a responsible adult.

We perform injections at three locations, you may print and review our pre-op requirements specific to each procedure site.

CNY Spine and Pain Medicine, LLC.

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Liverpool Pre-Op Instructions

Apex Surgical Center

5325 NY5325 State Route 233
Westmoreland, NY 13490
Ph: (315) 801-5060
Fax: (315) 801-5061

APEX Pre-Op Instructions

Specialty Surgery Center of CNY

225 Greenfield Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13090
Ph: (315) 451-6911
Fax: (315) 451-1540

SSC Pre-Op Instructions